Welcome to CustomTap where you will find custom made tap handles designed to fit various beer dispensing machines and set-ups, including the Heinenken Blade, the Philips PerfectDraft and the Krups SUB.  All handles are handmade craft items made to order, and come with a complimentary design service to help you apply your bar name or brand to your handle.  If you have a specific requirement for your tap handle please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to accommodate your request.

All handles come with free postage and for handles with logo holders, one free swappable custom designed badge


Thank you for your interest in a custom tap handle.  Please note that it takes aproximately 2 weeks to make and ship all handles.  Confirmation emails are sent with all orders but these may occassionally end up in spam/junk folders so please check there if you have placed an order and didn't receive confirmation.


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